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Source global Wall Street Journal     time 2022-01-14 21:30:47
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Here's how I look at it: my life has been a tradeoff. If I wanted to reach the goals I set for myself, I hadto get at it and stay at it every day. I had to think about it all the time. And I guess what David Glass saidabout me is true: I had to get up every day with my mind set on improving something. Charlie Baum wasright too when he said I was driven by a desire to always be on the top of the heap. But in the largersensethe life and death sensedid I make the right choicesHaving now thought about this a lot, I can honestly say that if I had the choices to make all over again, Iwould make just about the same ones. Preachers are put here to minister to our souls; doctors to healour diseases; teachers to open up our minds; and so on. Everybody has their role to play. The thing is, Iam absolutely convinced that the only way we can improve one another's quality of life, which issomething very real to those of us who grew up in the Depression, is through what we call freeenterprisepracticed correctly and morally. And I really believe there haven't been many companies thathave done the things we've done at Wal-Mart. We've improved the standard of living of our customers,whom we've saved billions of dollars, and of our associates, who have been able to share profits. Manyof both groups also have invested in our stock and profited all through the years.

I already told you how I pushed Moon Pies as my item one year and sold million worth. But theMoon Pie contest started back in 1985, when John Love, an assistant manager at the time in Oneonta,Alabama, accidentally ordered four or five times more Moon Pies than he intended to and found himselfup to his eyeballs in them. Desperate, John came up with the idea of a Moon Pie Eating Contest as a wayto move the Moon Pies out before they went bad on him. Who would have thought something like thatwould catch on Now it's an annual event, held every fallon the second Saturday in Octoberin theparking lot of our Oneonta store. It draws spectators from several states and has been written up innewspapers and covered by television literally all over the world. As of this writing, by the way, theworld record for Moon Pie eating is sixteen double deckers in ten minutes. It was set in 1990 by a guynamed Mort Hurst, who bills himself as "the Godzilla of Gluttony."Corny How could you get any cornier than that But when folks get together and do this sort of sillystuff it's really impossible to measure just how good it is for their morale. To know that you're supposedto have a good time, that there's no place for stuffed shirts, or at least that they always get theircomeuppance, is a very uplifting thing for all of us.


Alice and John worked for a little while at Wal-Mart, but have both branched out into independentbusinesses of their own. Alice tried her hand as a buyer, but didn't care for it too much, and now she'sgot her own investment company, The Llama Company, down in Fayetteville. In some ways, I believeshe's the most like mea maverickbut even more volatile than I am. John, who was a Green Beret medicin Vietnam, became our second company pilotI was the first. He's the most independent of the bunchand the only one who doesn't live here in Arkansas, and he's a tremendous individual. He and his familylive out West, where he designs and builds sailboats, and he also runs a large crop-dusting business,which is owned by Walton Enterprises. We're all pilots, so it's real easy for us to get together on amoment's notice.


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